Seller Terms of Service

Below are the Terms of Service for the sellers in the Digital Store of (hereafter referred as the Website). If you are a seller or intend to become a seller in the Digital Store of the Website, then please read through the following Terms of Service carefully. 

  1. Intellectual Property Right: The seller must ensure that he / she / it (a legal entity) holds the copyright or has legal permission of the copyright holder of the contents that he / she / it is selling in the Digital Store. The seller understands that Surelia Infosystems Private Limited, the parent company of, (hereafter referred as the Company), will not be responsible for any copyright infringement caused by any item posted for sale in the Digital Store by the seller and that the Company cannot be made a party in any dispute or litigation resulting from any such infringement.
  2. Quality of Content: The seller must ensure the quality of the content posted in the Digital Store for sale. All contents posted in the Digital Store must not be a) offending to any religious, racial or national faith, b) promoting hatred/violence in any form and c) promoting obscenity or nudity which is not relevant to academic topic in context.
  3. Nature of Content: The seller must ensure that he / she / it is selling only digital content in the Digital Store. The Digital Store must not be used to sell physically deliverable articles in any way.
  4. Account Setup Fee: The seller has to pay an Account Setup Fee of ₹ 2,000/- and applicable GST on the same by purchasing Platinum (Seller) membership.
  5. Commission: The seller understands and accepts that a commission of 5% of total transaction value and GST on the commission amount will be charged on each sell transaction on products / contents published by the seller in the Digital Store. 
  6. Payment Gateway Charges: Payment Gateway Charges are levied on each transaction by our payment gateway provider PayU Money as per the schedule below.

    Transaction Charge % Per Transaction
    Credit Cards 2.25%
    Net Banking 2.25%
    Debit Cards 0.75% for Transaction Value <= ₹ 2000
    1.00% for Transaction Value > ₹ 2000
    Amex Cards 3.00%
    GST is applicable as per the norms
  7. Documentation Requirement: After the seller purchases Platinum (Seller) membership, he / she / it will have to email soft copies of a) PAN Card, b) one cancelled cheque, c) filled up Seller Information Form and d) signed Schedule C to in order the complete the payment gateway setup for the seller.
  8. Time to Setup: The time to setup the seller's account is up to 5 working days after the seller purchases the Platinum (Seller) membership and provides with the required documents mentioned in point 7.
  9. Geographic Coverage: Currently, sellers having bank account in India are eligible to sell in the Digital Store of the Website. Sellers who do not have a bank account in India are advised not to purchase Platinum (Seller) membership.
  10. Change of Terms: These Terms of Service are subject to revision and update / change as per the discretion of the Company. It is, therefore, the responsibility of the seller to revisit this section from time to time to stay informed of any changes in the Terms of Service.
  11. Violation of Terms of Service: The Site Administrator of the Website reserves the right to revoke seller's privileges, ban the seller's profile and / or terminate the seller's membership to the Website altogether if the seller is found in violation of any of the Terms of Service listed here.  
  12. Acceptance of Terms of Service: Purchase of Platinum (Seller) membership and continued use of the Digital Store for selling of contents by the seller implies that the seller has read, understood and accepts these Terms of Service. If any of the above Terms of Service is not acceptable then the seller must not purchase Platinum (Seller) membership if the seller is not already a registered seller or the seller must email to for termination of his / her / its seller's account.