Seller Help Centre

Seller Registration Process

  1. Eligibility: Any organization or individual having a current bank account or a savings bank account in India and a PAN card is eligible to register as a Seller on (hereafter referred as the Website). 
  2. Join The seller has to be a member of the Website. If the seller is not already a member, then the seller can join by following the video guide "HOW TO: Join Study Buddy Online" in the Help page.
  3. Upgrade Membership to Platinum (Seller): Purchase the Platinum (Seller) membership by going to Account -> My Membership (shortcut at the bottom of this page). The price of this membership is the one time setup fee
    • Please note that purchasing Platinum (Seller) membership implies that the seller agrees to the Seller Terms of Service.
  4. Documentation: After purchasing the Platinum (Seller) membership, the seller needs to email the following documents to These documents are required for setup of merchant account with payment gateway provider PayU Money and for nodal bank approval. Please note that legal entity name (business / individual) in all the documents must match with the name in the PAN card.
    1. Schedule C (signed): The seller needs to download the Schedule C template from Seller Documents folder, fill in the details, print it on the letter head of the company or on a blank paper (if seller is an individual), sign the same and then scan the signed copy.
    2. Seller Information Form: The seller needs to download the Seller Information Form from Seller Documents folder and then fill in the required details.
    3. PAN Card: Scanned copy of PAN card.
    4. Cancelled Cheque: Scanned copy of one cancelled cheque showing the name of the legal entity and the account number mentioned in the Seller Information Form.
  5. Intimation of Completion of Registration: The seller will receive intimation of completion of registration process by e-mail from once the nodal account is approved and seller's merchant account is ready to settle payments. The seller can expect to receive this intimation within 5 working days after sending the documents listed in point 4. This process may take longer in the unlikely event of any issues during the nodal account approval process.