This eBook is a compilation of my class notes on Routes of Drug Administration. I want this eBook to be useful to as many students as possible irrespective of their financial status and therefore, it is free to download to all members of study buddy online. You need to join and need to be logged in to be able to download the Ebook. Please log in to download the eBook. Please feel free to let me know your feedback and ask me any questions you may have in the Forum Feed link at the bottom of this page.




  1. Local Application
  2. Oral / Enteral
    1. Advantages
    2. Disadvantages
    3. Coating
    4. Purpose
    5. Disadvantages of Coating
    6. CR or TR (Timsules, Spansules)
  3. Parenteral
    1. Advantages
    2. Disadvantages
    3. Inhalation
    4. Injections
      1. Intrademal
      2. Intra-muscular
      3. Intra-venous
      4. Precautions
    5. Other
  4. Different actions in different routes
  5. General characteristics of dosage forms
    1. Local dosage forms
    2. Oral forms
    3. Sublingual tablets and aerosols
    4. Rectal preparations
    5. Inhalation gases and vapours
    6. Injections
    7. Topical preparations
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