Team study buddy online takes great pleasure in announcing launch of suit of features that enables you to create Virtual Study Rooms and Virtual Class Rooms. Following are the features that let you create a collaborative Study Room or an instructor-led Class Room.

  1. Boards module lets you illustrate the topic of discussion to multiple participants in realtime. You can create a Viewable board for one-way illustration, i.e. a board that only you can draw on, or an Editable board for collaborative illustration (any of the participants can edit such boards). You can also create private (password protected) boards and allow only intended audience to view/edit the board.
  2. Chat module lets you collaborate with with multiple participants using text chat, voice casting and video casting. Just like the Boards module, you can create password protected private Chat Rooms.

These two modules provide a very powerful platform for hosting live study room or live class room sessions. You can also make use of Digital Store module to automate payments if you intend to monetize your live class room sessions. If you have any questions regarding these features, please feel free to Contact Us.

P.S. - HOW TO video on Virtual Study Room and Virtual Class Room is coming soon. Please watch the Help page.

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