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Just getting to attend the Global Entrepreneurship Summit in Silicon Valley last year was a thrill for Kenia Mattis, founder of a Kingston, Jamaica, digital media studio that makes animated books to teach children to read.   Then, at the gathering of mor
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   Pharmacology is the science that deals with drugs. “Pharmakon” (an active principle) and Logos (a disease or treatment) = (Greek)        History of drug is as old as disease. World’s oldest known pharmacological writings come from India (Vedas) and Ch
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#iamstudybuddy Soorjo Coomar Goodeve Chuckerbutty was not the conventional Indian native from the early Victorian period. Be it his confidence, his travels, his education and profession, his outlook or be it his achievements, he wasn't ordinary in anywa
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This is my first blog on Study Buddy Online. Here is the solution of the Sessional Exam of my course on Control System at VNIT Nagpur. Please feel free to discuss with me.  With regards Ritesh Click here to download the solution   #iamstudybuddy 
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