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study buddy online is a unique platform for academic collaboration. It is a community of people with varied academic interests, people who believe in success by helping each other succeed. Learnig is more fun and immensely more effective when done with buddies. Therefore, find your study buddies here no matter where you are and discover the fun way of learning! You can now make study buddies online and collaborate with them in more ways than you can imagine. You can also find the right person for your job or make money on studybuddyonline.com in more ways than one. Read on to find out more...

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Get Help and Help!

You know that there are thousands of study buddies to help you when you need help to

  • solve that tricky problem
  • find the best resources on a particular topic
  • prepare for the very important examination that can change your life
  • complete the project you are working on
  • do a lot more…

The possibilities are endless. You can also be the help to your buddies when they are in need. The more you help, the richer becomes your knowledge.

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You can collaborate in more ways than you can think of.

  • When you have a quick question, you can throw it out to all the study buddies out there by posting it to Timeline or you can ask it to one of your online study buddies using Chat.
  • When you want to discuss on a topic in greater detail with greater number of study buddies, you can start a new Topic in the Forums section.
  • When you want to write about your project, an academic topic or anything that you want to share with the world, you can write a blog in the Blogs section.
  • If you are in a discussion with your study buddies on a topic and you wish you could get them in a room to illustrate on a white board, you can create a new board in the Boards section and illustrate in real-time even if your study buddies are sitting in different corners of the world.
  • You can also collaborate by replying on forum topics, commenting on timeline posts, blogs, news or products on the digital stores.

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Make Money

You can make money by

  • Selling your old instrument box, used books, old car or anything that you don’t need any more to your study buddies by posting advertisement in the Ads section. You can post 2 advertisements in 30 days with Standard membership and 50 advertisements in 30 days with Gold or Platinum (Seller) membership.
  • Selling your original digital works, like DIY guide, tutorial series in PDF document or video format, digital arts, etc. in the Digital Store. You can sell in the Digital Store with Platinum (Seller) membership.

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You can advertise your business by posting banner advertisements on studybuddyonline.com. You can design banner and purchase banner space from Account > My Banners section. You can choose from the following pricing plans.

  • Price per Impression – You pay for the number of times you want your banner to be displayed before it expires. You can also choose your target visitors by gender, by age group and/or by country by selecting Segmentation Options to make the best use of the number of impressions you purchase.
  • Daily Price – You pay for the number of days you want your banner to be displayed before it expires irrespective of number of times it is displayed. You get 10% discount when you pay for 90 days or more and 20% discount if you pay for 180 days or more.

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You can find the best person for your job from the huge pool of talented study buddies by listing your job in the Ads > Jobs section.