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Hey guys am looking to learn programming and have heard that cs 50 is a great course to start with and it surely is.
But am finding some problems with my commitments as am self studying it.

So I want a study buddy along with me so we can compete and grow learning it together.
I eventually want to do masters in cse eventually so am gonna focus on these subjects after cs 50

I am a quick learner so i want my study buddy to be atleast moderate and bot really very slow in understanding stuff. Also my main language is not English although i can understand and write fairly well but i dont have good pronunciation or a very large vocabulary. (not good english speaking skills sorry). I am also looking to put 1 + hours daily towards learning programming.(under normal circumstances)

I want my study buddy to be really passionate about programming and be really committed towards it. (Sorry but i have seen many people around me who study for like 1 or 2 days and then just quit.)
If you want to ask more please ask in conversation. I want to start cs 50 right from the next year (1 Jan, 2018)asap.
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